Integrating SCM Software with eCommerce

With the rise of eCommerce platforms, businesses can reach a global audience, expand their customer base, and increase sales. This article explores integrating SCM Software with eCommerce Platforms and how it can help to streamline business operations and improve their bottom line.

Integrating SCM Software with eCommerce Platforms

eCommerce platforms provide businesses with various tools to manage their online sales channels, including product listings, payment processing, order fulfillment, and customer service. eCommerce platforms are popular with businesses from small startups to large multinational corporations. Supply chain management (SCM) software is essential for businesses operating in complex supply chain environments with multiple suppliers, warehouses, and distribution centers involved. SCM software offers tools that help businesses manage their supply chain activities, including procurement, inventory management, logistics, and distribution. SCM software enables businesses to optimize their supply chain operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

Integrating SCM software with eCommerce platforms allows businesses to manage their inventory levels, order fulfillment, and shipping operations more efficiently, reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction. The software solution provides businesses with tools to manage procurement, inventory, logistics, and distribution, while eCommerce platforms enable businesses to sell their products and services online. Integrating SCM Software with eCommerce Platforms can optimize supply chain operations and improve online sales channels, providing a better customer experience and increasing profitability.

Integrating SCM Software with eCommerce Platforms is widely used for several popular platforms. For example, Shopify, one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, offers integration with various SCM software providers, including ShipStation, ShipBob, and Skubana. These integrations enable businesses to automate order fulfillment workflows, track inventory levels, and manage shipping operations. Another example is Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service, which enables businesses to store their products in Amazon’s warehouses and have Amazon handle their order fulfillment and shipping operations. FBA integrates with various SCM software providers, including ShipStation, Skubana, and Zentail, enabling businesses to manage their FBA operations more efficiently.

Why Integrate SCM Software with eCommerce Platforms?

Integrating SCM Software with eCommerce Platforms can bring a range of benefits to businesses. Some of them are given below.

Improved Inventory Management

The software solution enables businesses to track their inventory levels in real time, ensuring they have the right products in stock to meet customer demand. Integrating SCM Software with eCommerce Platforms allows businesses to automatically update their inventory levels as orders are processed, reducing the risk of stockouts and overselling.

Faster Order Processing

Integrating SCM Software with eCommerce Platforms helps businesses streamline their order processing workflows. Orders can be automatically routed to the nearest warehouse or distribution center for fulfillment, reducing shipping times and improving customer satisfaction.

Reduced Operating Costs

Businesses can reduce operating costs and improve their bottom line by optimizing their supply chain operations. The software solution can help businesses identify areas to reduce costs by consolidating shipments or negotiating better rates with suppliers.

Better Customer Service

eCommerce platforms are all about providing a great customer experience. By integrating SCM software with eCommerce platforms, businesses can improve order accuracy, reduce shipping times, and provide better customer service. It can help businesses build brand loyalty and increase customer retention.


As eCommerce companies grow and expand, they need to be able to scale their operations quickly and efficiently. SCM software can help businesses manage their growth by providing the tools they need to optimize their supply chain operations and meet increasing demand.


In today’s fast-paced business world, it’s more important than ever for companies to have a strong online presence. However, managing online sales channels can be complex, especially regarding supply chain management. Integrating SCM software with eCommerce platforms can benefit business models, including improved inventory management, faster order processing, reduced operating costs, better customer service, and scalability. By leveraging the power of SCM software, eCommerce businesses can effectively optimize their supply chain operations.


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